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Tips for Moving in Winter

  March 12, 2014   Karen Stanko

None of us like the chore of moving, especially when the temperature drops. Here are some simple things to remember if your move is scheduled for the cold winter months. Consult with your realtor for other tips for moving in Edmonton winter,  an experienced realtor will have good advice to make the process easier.

A Warm Welcome. Make sure you have heat and lights. This may sound silly, but it something a lot of people forget to do before hand. Ensure that all utilities have been set-up and are fully functioning, even turning the heat and water on a couple of days before your arrival just to make sure everything is working and that the house is warm for the day you move in.


Get The All Clear. Make sure the walks and sidewalks are clear in front of your new home. Visit the new place   the day before or the morning of the move to make sure the walkways are clear and free of ice. If needed, salt or sand the area.If you are moving to a new City, have your realtor check the area.


Howdy Neighbor. Regardless of what time of year you move, you should always ensure there’s parking available for the moving truck. This may mean negotiating with your new neighbors and getting to know them early!


 Go Green. Your plants will not be able to survive the trip in the cold. The storage part of the truck will not be warm enough to keep them safe for long durations, mak sure the plants are easily accessible in the rental truck or other vehicle, so that you can get them into the new home as quickly as possible. Even in a heated rental vehicle, the plants should be covered with plastic to avoid drafts when opening and closing the doors of the truck.

Is It Hot in Here? Check the rental truck before leaving the lot to ensure that the heater is in proper working order. Nothing could be worse than traveling for miles being cold, and no way to remove the frost from the windshield.

Get Cracking. When unpacking after having been in the cold for sometime, let your china, crystal and any other fragile items sit in the box until it comes up to room temperature. If you must unpack the items while cold, proceed with caution, as the cold may cause the glass to crack and break.